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The Jasmine Cottage Studio For All Your Wedding Stationery & Photography Needs

With so many elements to consider when planning a wedding it’s refreshing to find two of your most important services under one roof. The Jasmine Cottage Studio offers just that – both wedding photography and stationery either individually or as a joint package! Proprietor, Lindsay Smith, is not only a professional photographer with many years …

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‘Sanyukta Shrestha Up For British Wedding Awards 2019’

Lincolnshire Resident and leading Sustainable Luxury Bridal Designer, Shrestha is shortlisted for Best British Bridal Designer Awards 2019 Lincolnshire resident Shrestha, one of the UK’s leading Bridal designers who stirred up the wedding industry with her innovative eco-friendly designs, has been shortlisted by British Wedding Awards 2019 for British Bridal Designer Award. Among the eleven …