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This is how much Brits have spent attending weddings this year

Having a wedding can easily set you back tens of thousands of pounds. But how much does it cost to attend a wedding as a guest? 

By taking a look back at this year’s wedding season, a new study by luxury fashion retailer Fenwick revealed the true cost of attending weddings, and gathered the nation’s opinions on stag and hen dos. 

Summary of results from Fenwick: 

  • The average Brit spent £380 per wedding they attended in 2022 so far
  • Travel and accommodation cost Brits on average £169.72 per wedding 
  • People from Manchester spend the most in the UK on attending weddings at £553
  • People aged between 25-34 would be happy to spend the most attending a stag/hen at £175.86 
  • Almost half of Brits (47.31%) would now consider not attending a hen/stag due to the cost
  • Over a third (35.23%) of Brits would now consider not attending a wedding due to the cost 
  • 43.71% of Brits would refuse to attend an abroad wedding

The average Brit spent £380 on every wedding they attended in 2022 so far

Fenwick’s research looked at the average amount we spend on an outfit, hair, makeup, travel, accommodation and gifts to reveal that the average spend attending a wedding is £380. With COVID leading to thousands of weddings being rescheduled, this year we’ve attended more weddings than usual and next year will likely be the same. If you were to attend two weddings a year over the next five years, this could set you back a whopping £3,800! 

Breaking this down, the survey revealed Brits spend on average £82.53 on each outfit, £41.50 on hair and makeup for each wedding, £169.72 on travel and accommodation and £85.93 on a gift! 

Manchester spent the most in the UK attending weddings this year so far, and Norwich the least

 OutfitMakeup/HairTravelAccommodationWedding GiftTotal

Fenwick’s study showed that people from Manchester are spending the most when it comes to attending other people’s weddings at a huge £553 per wedding! Leeds spends the second most on attending weddings at £537 per wedding. Spending the least attending weddings at people in Norwich, at £207 per wedding. 

Over half of Brits would consider not attending a hen/stag due to the cost

Fenwick also gathered opinions from the British public on stag and hen celebrations, which can be a huge expense to both the couple and the wedding party itself, especially if heading overseas to popular destinations such as Marbella or Budapest.  

If you’re planning up your stag or hen celebration, keep the cost in mind. Fenwick’s study revealed that Brits are happy to spend on average £143.50 on a stag or hen, with people aged between 25-34 willing to spend the most (£175.86) and half of Brits (50.7%) would refuse to attend an abroad hen or stag.