An NHS Bride and her Unexpected Wedding Day

‘Sewing our Hearts together for #nhsheroes

A wedding dress designer makes Bridal Visor for a real bride / NHS Hero as a surprise.

On an Instagram post yesterday our designer writes : This is a unique story of our lovely bride Donna (a nurse) today meant to be celebrating her WEDDING DAY instead she marries her duty and Lobby becomes her aisle while serving the nation. We just wished her day to be as special as possible. I am so touched when I receive her photos that she walks with pride in our special Visor Veil and smiles with paper flowers. This is going to be the most memorable day for her husband-to-be and her loved ones once this storm is over” – Sanyukta Shrestha

It was difficult and heart-breaking to stay at home and be forced to deal with a new reality that was way out of control, but what helped immensely was the fact that our company was built around the importance of community and people. We have always been a “people’s company” from our ethics to who is working with us and we are beyond grateful for that as people were the reason we kept our positivity and hope during this difficult time for all of us. 

Our bridal collections had always a strong influence from the brides we have met during the years, but now more than ever we feel that our brides inspire us to be our better selves and stand by them during these unprecedented times. One of those brides is Donna, a nurse who is meant to be celebrating her wedding day on 7th May 2020 but instead she was working as many of our precious and brave NHS armies helping the nation to fight the pandemic. Our Creative Director Sanyukta Shrestha decided to surprise her with a ‘Bridal Visor’ especially made for her and a handwritten letter, to light up her day and let her know we have her in our minds and heart and remind her that her wedding date is still special.

‘Even though your wedding is not happening tomorrow, and you don’t miss out wearing your bespoke wedding dress that you are supposed to be getting married in. You can still wear something special from your designer while serving the nation during this pandemic.” 

– Sanyukta Shrestha

Sanyukta and team have been making PPE – ‘face shields’ for frontline healthcare professionals and  Masks For keyworkers alongside the ‘Nepal Covid-19 relief project’ since earlier this month and Sanyukta says the veil she created for Donna has symbolic meaning than just a traditional meaning of veil. The ‘Visor veil’ Sanyukta created has wedding values and at the same time designed to protect the bride who is a Nurse.

“I loved wearing my headdress today, it made the day really special. All my colleagues completely spoilt me and the Visor veil was the absolute cherry on the cake. Thank you.” – Donna (NHS Nurse, Boston, UK)

Oftentimes, the brightest rainbows follow the darkest rainstorms. Our world has changed completely since the Covid-19 pandemic, impacting our lives, our business, and our people. We are dealing with an unprecedented reality that seems like a movie scenario, and we often find ourselves wondering if it is real or an unbelievably bad dream that is going to end soon. 

We were forced to take a step back and reflect, on both a personal and a professional level. We decided from early on that our top priority is the safety of our family and team as well as all our lovely brides who were such an important part of their wedding journey. 

If you think about it, your wedding date is about love. Having your loved ones by your side celebrating your happiness, laughing, hugging, and kissing. It is a feeling, and mentally you can treasure it forever and replay it as much as you can. We can let gratitude and happiness for what we have at the moment and we are positive that better days are ahead, and we cannot wait to spend them in our atelier with our Brides. 

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