One Fab Day In Winter

winter wedding

Every bride wants to have the perfect knock out wedding, and taking advantage of the natural highs of Christmas and the winter season is sure to be a bonus worth having. If you are thinking of a New Year’s Eve wedding extravaganza, it could be a glitter filled Gatsby style, or a pastel perfect castle complete with winter furs and roses. You are only limited by your imagination.

The main thing is that you need to start planning it now, and come next winter you could be starring in the pulled together Winter wedding of the year! Leaving actual specifics like the reception décor or the dress aside for a moment, settle down with your favourite coffee and dream on. Try and get a feel for the overall atmosphere that you want to achieve for the day, before making any firm decisions. Don’t forget to include your partner in this exercise, as you will both need to have your ideal day pictured in your mind to avoid a directionless drift through your options.

Start by thinking about what you would like to remember about your day – will it be pure romance or a quirky affair with balloons, games, family fun, and memorable antics from your nearest and dearest. Maybe you want just the two of you, and no fuss, or do you want as many friends and family as you can invite? Once this is clear you are ready to start, but there is nothing wrong with taking a little bit of everything on board. Your overall personalities are what you want to shine through! You will find out if you are a creative couple keen to be hands on with decorations and themes or if you are a pair who want to leave it to the professionals. You might even find out that you are an adventurous couple and ultimately want everything over the top, or you crave the sophistication of luxurious surroundings where you will only splash out on a handful of classics, and dress code is everything.

If a sun kissed departure from the norm is the way to go, and you just want an all-inclusive package shared in an exotic location then a winter wedding in the sun could be for you, bearing in mind this could be a more expensive option in Winter.

Deciding whether the location, the food, the surroundings, or value for money is your biggest priority, will influence your final decision. There’s no doubt that doing your own thing is the best recipe for a successful and happy Winter wedding day.

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