Have a ‘banging’ confetti moment

Celebrate your marriage in style with a ‘banging’ confetti moment. Break the tradition of guests throwing confetti over you with a blast of confetti from confetti cannons for a fun and exciting confetti moment.

Shropshire Petals have just launched their brand-new handheld Confetti Cannons. Guaranteed to provide you with wonderful confetti photos you will cherish forever.

Easy to use, simply remove the sticker from the top of the cannon, twist the end and watch as confetti explodes out and up into the air creating a spectacular cascade of colourful confetti. Confetti will gently fall down upon you, giving your photographer plenty of time to capture the wonderful moment.

Choose your confetti mix from one of the recommended delphinium & wildflower combinations, or select your own by using the Pick & Mix confetti creator online.

Confetti Cannons are not only perfect for your confetti moment; you can also use them on the dance floor, giving you more opportunities to have fun with confetti!

Each Confetti Cannon is filled with 1.5 litres of natural petal confetti, which is equivalent to 15-19 handfuls and measures 48cm in length and 5cm diameter. Confetti Cannons are capable of launching petals up to 10 meters. Confetti Cannons are £25 each.

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