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The photographs that are taken at your wedding can be almost the most important aspect, next in line to the actual marriage ceremony.

Photographers are there to capture the best day of your life and they are willing to work with you in all different ways to get photographs of you and your partner, friends and family on your wedding day.

Light and Lace Photography

The photographs that you get from your wedding should be as unique as you, and finding the perfect photographer is absolutely essential. There can be nothing more heart-breaking than receiving photos of your wedding day and being disappointed.

It’s easy to look at the cost of photographers but in this instance, you are looking for quality and not quantity. Saving money by going for a cheaper photographer is not the way to go as you could end up with photographs that don’t capture the uniqueness and the magic of your wedding day.

Magic Moments by Charlotte Maddison

When you are choosing a photographer, always ask to see their portfolio as this is an indication of how your wedding photos will turn out. If their portfolio and photography style does not suit your own then they are not the one for you. Ask them questions as most photographers see their job as their passion and they are always happy to help and have fun on their shoots as much as you.

Leigh Render Photography

Make sure that you feel comfortable around them, because uptight and unhappy brides and grooms do not make for beautiful photographs and memories of the big day. Why not spend the day with your photographer at your venue to show them the beautiful backdrops and particular aspects that attracted you to the place? They will then have a better idea of you personally and will be able to help incorporate as much of it into the photos as possible.

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