A Natural Beauty

When planning a wedding in the United Kingdom, it’s important to remember that you must be in a licensed building with a roof and a solid structure.

You cannot get legally married in the open-air, for example in a marquee or a temporary structure. Most places that offer outdoor weddings have garden huts or pavilions that you can get married in due to their roof and fixed structure.

You can still get married outdoors however, it just means that you’ll have to carry out legal formalities in a low key ceremony at a registry office the day before or earlier on the day that you are getting married. This means that you are then free to have your wedding blessing, including your own words and personal wedding vows especially written for the occasion. You can include your own choice of readings, music, poems and anything else that you wish to include without being limited by religious elements or legalities. This ensures that the day goes exactly how you want it to and is individual to you as a couple.

The beauty of having an outdoor ceremony for your wedding is that there is unlimited beauty in the natural landscapes both in the UK and abroad and lessens the need for decorating the venue. The only downside about getting married in the outdoors in the United Kingdom is of course, the unpredictable weather. It’s a game of chance and the only way to get around it is to pick a particular day and hope. It’s a good idea to have a marquee just in case, if the weather permits simply ignore it and get married without it.

If you are going for an outdoor wedding, why not invest in some personalised umbrellas or ponchos for your guests? Quirky umbrellas for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen make a fun alternative if you are opting for a ceremony in an open setting. Letting guests know about the outdoor setting is a must as they can dress accordingly, a wedding in a meadow for example would not be very easy for ladies to walk through in high heels.

With outdoor weddings, backup plans and preparation is key. Considering the weather and how quickly the rain or sun could make an appearance is essential as well as taking into account your guests and how easily they could get to and find the location.

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