Modern Maidens

Your bridesmaids are the girls that mean the most to you, so make sure that they are as happy and comfortable as you on the day whilst complementing you and looking amazing on your big day.

You may feel obliged to ask your sister-in-law or your cousin, but you don’t have to have anyone. It is down to you and choosing people who have truly been by your side through your best and worst times are the best people to have by your side on the big day.

Different things suit different people and it doesn’t say anywhere that bridesmaids have to look exactly the same. If you choose multiway dresses and let them create their own style to suit whilst having matching colours and materials. This is also a good idea to do if you have bridesmaids with different skin tones and hair colours as you can choose the same style of dress but allow your bridesmaids to choose the shade or colour of their dress.

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The mismatched bridesmaid look can be achieved by following the rule of two. By changing only two things on each bridesmaid, it means that they will look the same with slight differences for each individual. For example, you could change the neckline and the fabric but keep every other aspect the same. You could also choose a different fabric of lace, chiffon or cotton and change the colour of each dress but have the length and neckline the same.

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Varied shades of the same colour allows you to find something that will match but suit everyone. Choosing different shades from light to bright of blue or purple will allow everyone to be coordinated as your bridal party, but wear a shade that complements their skin tone and hair colour. A lot of brides are also opting to have their maid of honour stand out from the other bridesmaids with a different colour dress or a bouquet of a larger size and different colour.

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Rather than getting all of your girls to match up their jewellery, why not allow them to choose their own jewellery. If they are all wearing the same coloured dress then you can let their personalities shine through with their own choices of accessories. It is also a good idea to let the bridesmaids choose their hairstyle as there may be some with short hair or there may be some who do not like their hair down or are particular about their ears showing.

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