Time to Suit Up

Formal wear doesn’t have to be dull, but finding a look that’s personal and fashionable can be a real challenge for a groom.

Tuxedos and formal suits are often rented, but this limits your options. Formality is not as necessary as it used to be and hiring suits means that you may end up wearing something that doesn’t fit you quite right, and you could be uncomfortable all day, which is something you do not want on your wedding day.

Give your formal wear a punch of personality by adding some colour with a handkerchief, bow tie, tie or cufflinks to compliment the theme of the wedding and to reflect your individuality. Finishing touches will complete the look and when it comes to men’s wedding fashion, less is truly more.

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It’s not always best to go for tradition, you should think about what will flatter you figure. Shorter grooms should go for a shorter jacket to prevent them from losing height with the classic tail or morning suit. Morning suits are the most formal option, made up of a single breasted suit with a large tail at the back. Jackets are usually black or grey and are worn with a waistcoat, these are best for churches or formal civil ceremonies.

Some grooms feel more comfortable in a classic everyday style suit, which can be enhanced by a matching waistcoat and cravat. The groom should stand out from the best man and ushers with a different coloured waistcoat or tie. When choosing a suit, remember that shoulders should be fitted to the body and for formal wedding suits, some prefer a wider shoulder for comfort. There is no rule on how much cuff to show but it’s usually around 1cm under the jacket cuff.

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For the autumn and winter months, why not consider a tweed wedding suit? It’s a whimsical and authentically British style and will look great against a misty backdrop of hills and fields in the great outdoors. A flannel suit will keep out the cold during the colder seasons and is a very durable fabric for your wedding attire. This material is soft, versatile and medium weight compared to some other options, meaning that you’ll probably be able to use it again as well as for your wedding.

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Accessories will sharpen up your look on the day. Cufflinks and tie pins can make a big statement and it’s becoming popular to get novelty or personalised accessories for the groomsmen to add a unique touch to the wedding gifts. Of course, don’t forget to get a good pair of shoes. Picking a shape that matches your wedding suit and the right colour is important. Put in the effort to polishing and shining your shoes for the big day to ensure you are looking your absolute best.

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