Mother of the Bride Style Tips

The iconic mother-of-the-bride, or groom, outfit is something that every woman wants to get right, particularly with the pressure of ever-lasting wedding photos. Nowadays, there are more options than ever to ensure that mothers look their stylish best on their son or daughter’s big day.

Many women are concerned about exposing their upper arms and opt for three quarter length sleeves, cover-ups and cinched jackets to keep them feeling confident, whilst also adding variety to their look. A good figure flattering top is to choose a dress style with a ribbon tied or belted waist, which will cinch you in and accentuate the narrowest part of your frame. Sophistication is key, so keep your outfit demure by avoiding any ensembles that are too low cut or have a short hem.

John Charles

Another tip for dressing for the big day is to let the bride’s style guide you. Make sure that you are aware of colour themes for the day as well as bridesmaids outfit, flower arrangements and the formality of the occasion. You should find a look that complements these elements without matching or clashing.

If the bridesmaids are wearing pale blue dresses, you could select an outfit in a grey which you can team with a blue hat or fascinator, bag and shoes. You should feel confident in what you are wearing and reflect your own individual style in the little details. Weddings are often very long days and nights, so make sure that you are comfortable enough in your outfit and shoes so that it doesn’t distract you from the big day.

Location is a big thing to consider when choosing your outfit for your son or daughter’s wedding as it could provide inspiration and ideas of what you should wear. If you are attending a beach wedding or one in a warmer climate then opt for minimal accessories and flowing fabrics for a more relaxed style.

A more formal occasion reveals the opportunity to make a bold statement by wearing an eye-catching headpiece. They should not swamp your frame, dominate your outfit or hide your face. Complement the colour of your outfit with your headpiece by matching a shade in your dress or the colour of your accessories. This will bring your whole outfit together and complete the look.

John Charles

Finally, remember to buy shoes that you won’t hurt your feet. Aching feet will not be what you want to remember from the wedding day and it’s important to allow you to be there for your son or daughter when they may need your help with getting ready or with any hair or make up disasters!

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