Let’s get the party started!

After the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, the speeches, the gifts and the throwing of the bouquet… the party starts!

When it comes to music at your wedding, you will want it to be perfect and entertaining for your guests to make it a day for them to remember. The first dance is one of the most favoured things at weddings, its romantic and traditional and for most couples it’s the first time they can truly be on their own after the wave of guests that have been coming their way throughout the day.

There may be a certain song that you both know is the one or maybe you simply have to look around for inspiration. It doesn’t have to be sentimental or slow, it should be personal to you as a couple and show guests a snippet of your love story.

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Music is always a must have for the entertainment at a wedding so why not hire a local band or a DJ? Everyone wants to dance at a wedding and there are plenty of venues who will offer evening entertainment with their price package. DJ’s are a classic addition to any celebration and are armed with thousands of tracks and dance songs to keep everyone entertained.

You don’t need to go all out, but you should do your research and ask around for recommendations and go with what you enjoyed at weddings that you have been to in the past. Most importantly, you and your partner have to enjoy what you choose. If you are happy and having fun, your guests will follow suit and love the day along with you.

One way of leaving your guests in awe is to hold a fireworks display at your wedding. It will entertain everyone, no matter what age they are and will make for some fantastic photographs. A popular option is to provide sparklers and get your photographer to take photos of you making heart shapes or writing your new initials with the sparkler.

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An exciting way to capture some moments from your wedding is to hire a photo booth, a caricaturists or a personalised Instagram board. Provide props and speech bubbles that are wedding related and see the hilarious snaps that are captured by your friends and family. This will provide fun and entertainment with memories that will last for years.

Another photo opportunity is to provide a few disposable cameras on the tables to allow your guests to capture some times that your photographer may not be able to get. It’s a more casual approach to photographs and allows your guests to be more comfortable in front of the camera.

An exciting way to capture some moments from your wedding is to hire a photo booth, a caricaturists or a personalised Instagram board.

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