Blossom & bloom!

Flowers are a wedding day essential, but the most common question asked by brides is how to make a big impact with wedding flowers, without having to spend a fortune. For blooms on a budget at your wedding, you’re best to stick to what is in season. These are the pick of the bunch for the seasons of autumn and winter.

Autumn Blooms

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A flower for a traditional look, as well as country garden themes, the hydrangea comes in all of the natural colours you could wish for, from green and white to light shades of pink and purple. They symbolise grace, beauty and abundance thanks to their exuberant number of flowers and their generous dome form. It also represents gratitude and sincerity with its stylish cut and splendid effect in fabulous floral work.


Yellow, orange and rust coloured sunflowers are a real attention grabbing flower that you don’t need too many of to make an impact. They are perfect for rustic autumn weddings with bold and bright colours. Sunflowers hold the meaning of adoration and are perfect for potted arrangements on wedding tables or for carrying in a small bunch down the aisle. An advantage of sunflowers is that they aren’t expensive at all if you buy them in season.


You can find gladioli in lots of bright colours, standing tall. They look great as table centrepieces for a structured, modern look at your reception. The blooms range in colour from bold orange and red to pastel blues, pinks and yellows. This flower symbolises passion, strength and faithfulness and get their name from the swords of gladiators due to their sword-like flowers that are said to pierce the heart of the recipient with love.

Winter Blooms


Perfect for adding some elegance to your wedding, amaryllis have delicate colours of white, shades of pink and coral and so many more. The range of colours and lily-like style rightfully places it in the botanical world as a ‘splendid beauty’ and would look perfect in small bunches or as stunning floral displays at your wedding reception. It commonly means determination, pride and beauty because of the height and strength or the flower.


The classic orchid will add a modern, contemporary style to your wedding reception. They come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your vision. They signify love and beauty and are perfect for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Their exotic nature with a variety of colours means that they are a little more expensive,


A bold-styled flower perfect for a modern and bold wedding. The gerbera comes in a huge variety of colours and shades which makes for a beautiful bouquet. It was believed that the gerbera would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life and they represent cheerfulness, which is not a surprise with their vibrant shades that can brighten up any bouquet or venue.

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