A Wedding to Remember


With the right combination of simplicity and individual style, you can create a wedding to remember that will never be dated or go out of fashion.

There is a growing trend for weddings to be a showcase of personality and individuality rather than fashionable and classic. More and more couples are now choosing to inject their own style and tastes into their wedding day, creating a unique experience for them as a couple embarking on one of the biggest adventures of their lives and for their guests.
Weddings nowadays feature all kinds of events to celebrate a marriage. Couples want a fun and memorable experience with theatrical elements, banquets and feasts that separate from the classic and traditional wedding breakfast. Wedding venues, bridal designers, hairstylists and make-up artists cater for every type of bridal style so you will always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for to meet your own unique personality.

Planning your wedding should be a fun and exciting time, so when sorting through colour schemes, hairstyles, venues and who to invite, remember that it’s ultimately all about you as a couple and your future together. It shouldn’t be a stressful time, you should allow your family and friends to help, that is why they are there after all.

Bridesmaids, parents, groomsmen, friends and wedding planners are all there to help. Not one guest would expect you to carry out all of the planning on your own and the wedding party are there for your support and comfort to ensure that you have a stress free and exciting time when sorting out the details for your big day!

It’s a good idea to buy a wedding book or a wedding planning journal, it will be your best friend and will help you to stay organised. It will allow you to keep everything in order whilst you are planning and making decisions. You can add photos of styles and hairstyles that you like for inspirations and ideas for your own big day. More than 50% of married couples go over budget when planning and paying for their wedding. Create a budget and a checklist to ensure that you stay within your chosen price margin.

It can be easy to fret and stress over some little details such as the weather or if there will be enough food and wine for all of the guests. There are some things that are just out of your control, so ensuring that every other detail is perfect will mean that those little things will not bother you.

It should be the best day of your life and getting worked up is not the way to enjoy it. Getting married is the start of a big adventure for you and your partner and it should be savoured and remembered! Pulling off the perfect wedding is no small task so with our help and our top tips and ideas within the features of this magazine, you should be able to bring together the perfect day to celebrate your marriage.

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