5-Star Honeymoon without the Price Tag

Europe is a treasure trove of ancient, cosmopolitan and paradisaical places. You’ll be more than surprised by how budget-smart a honeymoon can be for newly married couples.


Known as the ultimate city of love, there is something about its quirks and charms that keep newly-weds and romance reminiscing couples returning. With so many fantastic central hotels, you can stay a stone’s throw away from the most desirable landmark destinations. Indulge in a spot of tea and cake among the pink roses outside the hidden garden of the hopeless romantics – a cottage museum and garden at the foot of Montmartre where a restful and poetic retreat will sooth the soul and evoke the dreamer in you.

Amalfi Coast

A rugged shoreline dotted with charmingly intimate beaches and rural fishing villages make this region of Campania a stunning coast bound location and authentic taste of the Mediterranean at its finest. The Africana Famous Club is located in Praiano, one of the most picturesque villages of the Amalfi coastline. The raw setting with full panoramic terrace and glass panels from which you can see the fish below are both breath-taking, unique and an absolute must to experience.


The bewildering city and its ever evolving demand to be fashionable, diverse and dignified is shown in its rich heritage and history that is so evident within its architectural brilliance. Its abundance of hotels will get your trip off to the right start with modern places to stay that will locate you conveniently in the heart of the bustle. One of the most famous and lively streets is described as the heartbeat of Barcelona and a true window into a vibrant culture of street performances, quirky cafes and charming restaurants.


For any newly married couple searching for their paradise equivalent in the city, Amsterdam has to be on the list. Beneath its historic story book canals await vibrant markets, famous galleries for the art buffs, picnic perfect parks and al fresco dining and bars that thrive day and night. Art lovers will love the newly renovated Museumplein – home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijik Museum of Modern Art where the surrounding open square is a work of art itself and buzzing with activity.

Bora Bora

This blissful water wonder and retreat could be your kind of oasis with crystal Aegean beaches. Dramatic scenery and private romantic experiences like no other can be found here that the best resorts have perfected over 40 years of welcoming the ultimate romantics holiday of a lifetime. It is surrounded by stunning coral reef, which is an impressive sight to behold from the sky with Tahiti-Excursions helicopter tours, who will guide you around the Leeward Islands from above.


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